Who is eligible to participate in the Black Book of Outsourcing survey?
Anyone who is a buyer, customer or end user of Outsourcing Services/Software.

How much does it cost to have my company in a Black Book Survey?
There is no cost to an outsourcing vendor to be listed or to be part of a Black Book survey.

How do I sign up?
Signing up to take a survey can be done online as well as through an app. available on Apple store or Google Play.

How long does the survey take to complete?
Approximately five minutes.

How can I purchase a report?
A Black Book report can be purchased online on the Black Book Research Store or by contacting us by phone or email. Reports are delivered as a hard copy or digital copy (single copy license, corporate enterprise copy license) (or as a Subscription)

What is the typical Return-On-Investment (ROI) from a Black Book Report purchase?
92% of top vendors distributing Black Book reports had, on average:
9.5X increase in new/incremental business interest (i.e., not targeted or in the sales funnel prior to Black Book media announcement) and 28% converted those interest opportunities into sales within 9 months

What are the different report categories?
The Black Book survey reports span the gamut of software and services in the outsourcing, healthcare cibersecurity and industries. Specific report titles and be viewed in detail on the Black Book Research Store or the Black Book Schedule of Reports.

Can a Vendor pay for list placement?
Black Book is vendor-agnostic and submits results into the public domain first. Black Book does not permit pay-for-placement arrangements.

How do I know if Black Book covers my company’s service lines, products, and/or technology?
Black Book traditionally covered subjects can be found in our rankings and calendar schedule. However, Black Book is constantly evolving and welcomes ideas and subjects not in our routine research schedule. Use the Briefing Form to suggest and present such subjects and topics.

Non-disclosure agreements (NDA’s) and information under embargo.
Black Book does not discourage the use of formal NDAs. Researchers will keep strategic background information confidential and will embargo news pending an announcement or press release. Vendors should be specific about what information should be embargoed, for how long and how Black Book will know that the embargo has been lifted. Information imparted during briefings is considered public, unless specifically cited as confidential or embargoed until a specific date.

Does Black Book perform any custom research?
Yes. In addition to our regular titles and upcoming research schedule calendar, Black Book conducts vendor specific research including year-by-year client experience changes, quarterly loyalty reports for investment analysts, media-focused surveys and polling. Contact our partners directly with your request.

Can my company schedule a vendor briefing with Black Book?
Yes. Black Book hosts approximately 1,000 companies a year. These meetings include product and strategy updates, messaging formulation sessions, and executive briefings from top-level management.