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About the Book

The manager’s best friend and secret weapon, this handy guide presents an intelligent overview of the costs and benefits of outsourcing, its uses and applications, and the processes used to manage it. Highly endorsed by industry experts, this book demonstrates how to deal with outsourcing as an emotional and political issue, and provides a wealth of resources for those who want to build a successful career in the outsourcing industries.

The Black Book of Outsourcing  uncovers how to update your business strategies through complete and comprehensive coverage of everything you need to know about effective outsourcing.

Outsourcing is a hot topic among business leaders and workers in the global business community. In The Black Book of Outsourcing, demystifys the subject and show executives and staffers alike how to successfully assess and implement outsourcing, communicate internally and with partners, measure performance, and lead outsourcing transitions.

But more than just outlining best practices, the author debunks some of the most persistent myths about outsourcing and its effects on the economy, and provide managers with the help they need. Most importantly, they equip you with the wide range of opportunities for professionals in the outsourcing industry, including new certification programs and key outsourcing vendors.

The practical tools and information you need.

Based on extensive experience working with dozens of companies on every aspect of outsourcing, this book teaches the practical tools and information you need to make smart decisions in planning, developing, implementing and leading effective outsourcing initiatives.

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